Jackie Venson was born on 5 February, 1990 in Austin, Texas, United States, is an American singer, songwriter and musician. We got there an hour early to make sure we had a good spot close to the stage. Her live performances revisits what makes music so powerful: emotion Live music is the best. Joy Alive (Live) ships out within 5 days Buy Compact Disc $5 USD or more Send as Gift Love Transcends Navy T-shirt XS-3XL "They're very similar guitars, but the Epiphone has a few things that make it more accessible. If you had to describe your sound to a new listener, how would you do so? I was like, Man, I dont sound like those people on Broadway.. 2019. Venson is no dilettante, wannabe performer, however a real staple of Join us as part of the 2022 Eichelberger Concert Season on the CareSource lawn at the Levitt Pavilion in downtown Dayton! (Image credit: Amanda Stronza/Getty Images/SXSW), (Image credit: Amanda Stronza/Getty Images for SXSW), Nuno and Extreme return with first single in 15 years, Chapman Guitars are working on a Peter Honor Tele-inspired signature model, From brutalizing extreme metal to Latin-flavored bubblegum shred: here are this week's essential guitar tracks, Mooer teams boutique looks with a built-in wireless transmitter on upgraded S900 GTRS DSP guitar, Why Fleas bass track had to be fixed in the mix on Alanis Morissette's hit record, Opeth and Ghost guitarist Fredrik kesson reveals whats on his pedalboard. "That's very true. I don't care who you are; it's hard to be heard through all the noise. We recommend you to check the complete list of Famous People born on 5 February. Just look at what Albert King did with the Flying V; he built a whole career off a guitar that people looked at as 'cheap' but was actually this awesome instrument. How do you keep your sound consistent onstage? document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. , money, salary, income, and assets. Movies. "Well, if you like Les Pauls and don't have, like, $3,000, I'd say that's a big reason to give an Epiphone a go. Beyond your training, does your personal nature alter your approach? If youre a singer and you play an instrument also, youre making the money of two players now. And bare my soul. The photo doesn't do this tshirt justice at all. Patterns are a pet peeve of mine., That weariness with patterns and predictability shines through when asked what shes looking forward to in 2022. WebJackie Venson. So, everything that you've seen me do was done while I was simultaneously literally learning how to play the electric guitar. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Cause whenever I see a pattern in anything, it annoys me. Tickets for the show are free, and doors open at 6.30pm. The Los Angeles-based R&B singer's latest album acknowledges that changes are just a part of the journey. Venson released her debut studio album, The Light In Me, in 2014. February 23, 2022. sound, genuine soul, and meaningful connection with her audience. Whether you're a blues fan, more into straightforward rock or just a tone-hound, there's at least a fair chance that you've sampled the sweet sounds of Jackie Venson. Unisex. They feel like every show is truly a unique experience. So, I guess, with the Stratocaster, I don't like the angle of the neck as much, which was why I moved away from them. WebSpotlight featuring Jackie Venson (Podcast Episode 2019) Parents Guide and Certifications from around the world. Be patient. She grew up the youngest of nine siblings. Get the latest and greatest Guitar news with one of our guitar magazine subscriptions. So, how much is Jackie Venson worth at the age of 32 years old? So, if there are other quality options, why not explore them?". Jackie Venson w/ We Don't Ride Llamas. September 30, 2022 9 Songs, 42 minutes 2022 Jackie Venson. Clark, Jr. What first sparked your interest in guitar and blues-based music? "It was a lot harder for me to reach those higher, modular, more nuanced licks on the Stratocaster, but with the Epiphone, I don't have that issue. And now, when I have a guitar in my hand and do my thing, I feel that same power. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. ", "You don't see people with that kind of connection to their instrument every day," Venson continues. tender age. Are there certain recording techniques you prefer in the studio? According to our Database, She has no children. "If you get impatient, start shutting stuff down, give up, or start trying to rush to the end, you might be meddling with stuff you don't understand. This isolated singing time for anywhere from two to eight hours a week. Live music is the best. Working their way through her latest studio album, Love Transcends, neither the band nor the audience needed time to warm up; we were in it from the first note. Im not really looking forward to anything because everything is just flowing. I tour at least six months out of the year, and the Kemper is just a phenomenal choice for modeling different types of guitar amps. The whole concert was insanely good. "That's always been a catalyst for me wanting to write my own songs, and that, in turn, makes me obsess over when I can play over and over again instead of listening. That was something Ive always wanted to achieve. Over the next two-and-a-half years, singing for a couple of hours, three nights a week, Jackie finally found her voice. WebVenson was born in Austin, Texas. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. We will update Jackie Venson's Height, weight, Body Measurements, Eye Color, Hair Color, Shoe & Dress size soon as possible. "It would be easy to get caught up in the challenges, but I don't focus on that," insists Venson. Im not looking forward, because Im just in it.. They never got credit for it, but they blazed a trail that's amazing to the point of being borderline heroic.". Bumping against the confines of her rigid classical piano training, she started taking voice lessons a few years later. A subscription makes a thoughtful gift for both family and friends. They were ready to rock and the energy in the room was high. Includes unlimited streaming of Love Transcends via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69W3qqJpB7w. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. What do you love most about them? Singing onlyI wasnt trying to play the guitar at the same time. Discover Jackie Venson's Biography, Age, Height, Physical Stats, Dating/Affairs, Family and career updates. I'm gonna be honest about that. She is the third woman in 37 years and first African American woman to do so. I work with consistent instruments and I practice and rehearse a lot. back grace (Austin American Statesman, June 2014) has been compared to You can't just go crazy and start playing a bunch of stuff because it might end up a hot mess, but that's what I love about them. WebJackie Venson is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter known far and wide for her complexly beautiful music and blazing guitar skills. We include a link to your profile in band openings, to build trust with musicians and help them decide if they will be a good fit. Her father, Andrew Venson, worked for 40 years as a prominent professional musician before retiring. Venson's mother, Dr. Diane Brinkman, encouraged her to begin playing piano at age eight. Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Luna Guitars Enter to Win, PLEASE JOIN US: Dani Jack Gears Up For Release of Powerful New Music Video Hurt for SAAM (Sexual Assault Awareness Month), Kren McCormick Releases Acoustic Video of Dancing With Him Tonight, Frankie Beach performed at the Sunset Tavern on March 1, 2023, Bella White performed at Wintergrass on February 24, 2023, Anna Tivel performed at Wintergrass on February 24, 2023. Jackie Venson. "They treat me mean/ But I know that this creation keeps my heart beating," sang Jackie Venson on 2016 track "One Step Forward." The whole concert was insanely good. 141.2K Followers. In 2019, she released her sophomore studio album Joy, went on tour with Grammy Award-winning rock artist Gary Clark, Jr., and became the first Black woman to win Best Guitarist at the Austin Music Awards. So when she announced on Twitter that she was doing a residency at Lamberts BBQ during February, I was stoked. And then, they can be about the audience, so it's not just this one-sided thing. "I still look back to when I was a kid watching Disney movies," she reveals. But being from Austin and having guitar-based music all around me, along with a great understanding of how chords worked, was my inspiration to pick up the guitar, at least from the perspective of how Austin influenced me.". 2020. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Jackie has played to crowds across the world. Ive been waiting patiently to see Jackie Venson for a while. ", Thank you for reading 5 articles this month*, US pricing $3.99 per month or $39.00 per year, UK pricing 2.99 per month or 29.00 per year, Europe pricing 3.49 per month or 34.00 per year, *Read 5 free articles per month without a subscription. A guitar junkie at heart, Andrew is proud to have interviewed favorites including Joe Perry, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Steve Vai, Richie Ranno, Brian May, and many more. Im like, Oh my God, my show is fucking boring and I cant believe anybody likes that., As it did for countless other working musicians, the first year of the pandemic forced Venson to reset and reassess. Comes free when you order $35 or more in the merch store. Buddy plays exactly what he feels in the moment, which is inspiring. WebFind original Jackie Venson music videos and performances here and subscribe for live stream updates! That tone is what attracted me to them, and it's something that's very hard to find with any other pickup.". To be sure, Venson's discography serve as a veritable sonic smorgasbord, tickling the senses of that growing body of fans. "Even if you're a major artist, the challenges aren't too different than what I face. She has a new album coming out April 5, so stay tuned! Id sing songs that were too hard for me. I've learned that a lot of things have to delicately fall into place for them to work. What is your advice for young women who hope to work in the music industry? People tell me that they feel as though theyre watching something that wont ever be repeated again. Not only have the songs evolved and the technology changed, but my skills on the guitar have increased. WebShe is the daughter of Andrew Venson, a professional musician of forty years, and tells Australian Musician that her childhood proximity to a career musician helped her feel that It's a complete redo and reimagining of the Joy album I released in 2019. "I have a fully recorded 14-track studio album, which will be my next release after Evolution of Joy. It's pretty wild and thrilling. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, where she first traded classical piano for electric guitar, Venson returned to Austin, her hometown, and got a job hosting karaoke. Vensons astonishing mix of raw soul, superb musicianship and laid She is from United States. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. WebJackie Venson | Levitt Pavilion Dayton This event has passed. Music I know that a lot of my stuff is blues-based, but considering that the spectrum of rock is huge, I think I'd place myself there above other categories. Jackie picked up the guitar, shortly after graduating from Berklee Enthralled That plus a newfound embrace of machines like samplers, synths, and voice modulatorsthe foundation of her projects under her electro alter ego jackie the robothelped her get out of the performing rut that haunted her. Because the purists in the guitar world can be a little intense, it's funny whenever they think that I'm using a tube amp; I'm actually using a Kemper.". I like direction but I also like freedom to change course if the moment takes us there. | Established. The words JACKIE VENSON are in a dull gold as well as outline of the rays. The crowd was pretty laid back and we found ourselves planted next to a guy from Alaska who had come all the way to Texas with his friends for his bachelor party. Have any significant moments shaped you the most in that time? A lot of people like music and they think they have an affinity for it but if nobody else in the family does, then they sometimes dont see it as a possibility. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. So, I learned all that kind of stuff in school, [and] it's been huge for me.". Her father, Andrew Venson, worked for 40 years as a prominent professional musician before retiring. That's what I try to do: intertwine with my guitar. I use a Kemper these days, I love the different rigs available to me. is not only what Venson does but also defines Sign up for tickets "I have a feeling that women have always played the guitar in large numbers, but the big difference now is awareness. Reflective, groovy design by Christina Venson and FREE shipping! "I really love how hot-sounding they can be, but in a volatile way. I guess my brain was spongy then, and a lot of my tendencies began to form at that time. - She Shreds, Between the incandescence of her fierce nature and the technical proficiency of her fretwork, Venson is poised to show people how this kind of hybrid musical cacophony can move and influence without resorting to overt sentimentality or emotional manipulation. With the uncertainty of the times were living in, one thing holds true for Jackie Venson shes going to play her music, speak her truth, and spread as much joy as she can do it. I didnt really play at all." Jackie Venson is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Austin, Texas. Even with her demanding tour schedule, the Austin-born guitar goddess is never away from our fair city for too long. Whether or not the person is known for certain effects like distortion or fuzz comes into play as well but even through that, theres a foundational tone that exists only in the hands. Since making her way into the guitar universe's collective consciousness around a decade ago, Venson has parlayed her signature sound into a steadily growing fanbase of far more than just would-be blues breakers. Tell us about the latest music you're working on. Bring your lawn chair, cooler, and picnic basket, and get ready for a night of free music under the stars! Live in Texas. [Laughs]". Shame not to hear 'Black Myself' in that setting but it was all near perfection as it was. It's hard, and the question is always, 'How am I going to be heard through all of this?' She thrives without the flash, instead favoring a clean He's not thinking about scales or anything stupid; he's just firing off his emotions in the moment, and that was the coolest thing to watch live. You have entered an incorrect email address! To what do you attribute the rise in young women picking up the guitar? She is the third woman in 37 years and first AfricanAmericanwomanto do so. michael@minttalentgroup.com Cassie Siegel cassie@minttalentgroup.com, The music is beautiful, the vibe is right. But for an artist with so much formal training, she got her real vocal schooling in an unusual place. Jackie Venson was born and raised in Austin, Texas, as the youngest of nine children. I dont think the brand of the instrument or pickups or anything have a lot to do with it. There are so many different tools a guitarist can use to their advantage to learn, so who's to say that one is better than the other? Its just business., By the time Jackies father, longtime Austin-based musician Andrew Venson, imparted this advice to his youngest child, she was already a dedicated musician in her own right. As a subscriber enjoy big savings off the shop price! WebBorn and raised in Austin, Texas, Jackie has traveled the world playing to massive crowds both as a headliner and as support for major acts such as Gary Clark Jr, Aloe Blacc, and She has also performed at the Austin Urban Music Festival. Youre going to need a team, keep the team mean and lean, and never get desperate. 8:00pm (Doors: 7:00pm ) 21 and up. WebTrouve les infos sur les billets de tous les concerts prochains de Jackie Venson en 2023-2024. Get updates on our season and other Levitt news. "Berklee was really hard for me", Venson recalled. With the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cancellation of her entire tour schedule, and the wave of social change sweeping across the country in 2020, Jackie committed herself to releasing more music than ever before, connecting with her fans directly and speaking up about the change she wanted to see in her city and country. These cookies do not store any personal information. Two Days in King Tuffs Brattleboro, Vermont, Algiers & King Vision Ultra Talk Collaboration & Connection, The Best Reissues on Bandcamp: January/February 2023, The Best Ambient on Bandcamp: February 2023, Yazmin Lacey Finds Peace of Mind on Voice Notes. Some of the greatest players of all time couldn't even read music, so that's a consideration, too. I do what I do to keep myself inspired, and if other people take notice, then that's great. We are located in the heart of Downtown Dayton across from the Dayton Convention Center. She opened for country artists Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw and James Taylor. So, I really like that, and I've also fallen in love with humbuckers, which aren't on Stratocasters. 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Having my dad as a professional musician, its like you can do this, its hard but you can do this. Venson said she had a bad experience at Berklee with the ultra-competitive environment the staff fostered, describing it as "American Idol the school". But I still need to mix the record and make the final adjustments, so we're probably looking at 2024 for that album, which has no title yet. 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The blues-rock guitar dynamo discusses her move from Strats to Epiphone Les Pauls, fooling purists with her Kemper, and why she chose just three years after its release to re-imagine her album, Joy. I also make sure to play as many gigs as possible so I can feel at home on stage. All rights reserved. I was not a singer before that. Jackie Venson is a multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter known far and wide for her complexly beautiful music and blazing guitar skills. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. In the past, you played Stratocasters, though. Also learn how She earned most of networth at the age of 30 years old? England and Wales company registration number 2008885. What are some of the reasons a young player might choose an Epiphone over a Gibson? - Raw Ramp Magazine, "Jackie Venson is a whole package of talent, passion, and hard work. - Sounds So Beautiful, "Damn, can this girl play the blues! On her latest, last years Love Transcends, she combines soulful blues with a discerning ethos of Black power, social justice, and, of course, the transcendent power of love. I draw on my emotions, my feelings, and the life I've lived. WebJackie Venson 3K views2 years ago Jackie Venson Live at Stubb's Amphitheater ATX Play all Filmed at Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheater on Oct 3, 2019, Jackie Venson opens for I was 16 when I sang out in high school for the first time. But its what we take away from these shows and into the rest of our lives that makes us truly appreciate what music is about. 786.8K Likes. I let the soul of the guitar seep into me. View popular celebrities life details, birth signs and real ages. In 2019, Andrew founded VWMusic, a successful outlet that covers music in all its forms. I grew up playing piano, which I played almost exclusively until I was around 21 years old. Jackie Venson w/ We Don't Ride Llamas. We cant wait to see you at one of our FREE concerts this summer! The music is beautiful, the vibe is right. You have to be nuanced and sensitive about it you can't just jump in. I cycle between 15 different rigs on the Kemper, 3 different performances containing 5 rigs each, that I toggle on the Kemper Remote. ", "From there, it's been a lifelong development where I become obsessed with a song or album, and I listen to them over and over again for like a year," Venson confesses. I think the Epiphone has a little bit of a shorter-scaled neck, which means I don't have to work as hard. "I used to play Stratocasters a lot more often, but the neck can make things a little challenging to play in some arrangements. Jackie Venson's latest album Love Transcends with a special gold, black and blue design by Christina Venson. I like how much space the blues and R&B give for instrumentalists and bands. In the process, she inadvertently returned to the low-stakes routine that had served her so well in her karaoke-hosting days. Every now and then I like to practice scales and stuff, and soon I am going to work on expanding my chord voicings. "When I first switched to the guitar, it was nice having the foundation of the piano, like I didn't have to learn what a chord or note was I already knew what scales, notes, and chords were. A little instantly captures your attention with a vibrant musical soul and But reviewing her live shows, shed find herself struggling to understand why people came to see her perform. She makes her guitar talk and burn and ache and rock, so I feel it to my core. 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